Hair Loss Help for Women

You may have the perfect outfit - you may be in tip-top shape.

But if you're having hair problems, then you just don't feel your best!

And if your hair is falling out, thinning or breaking, then you'll know it doesn't just affect your confidence... it can leave you feeling downright panicky.

For women, our hair is truly our crowning glory - and here at Hair Sentinel we want you to wear your hair with pride!

  • Discover the many causes of hair loss in women, including the use of certain medications and hormonal changes. Identify just what's causing YOUR thinning hair, hair breakage or premature balding.
  • Learn how to STOP hair loss or minimize its effects... and restore your locks to their former glory.
  • Find out about the wide variety of natural remedies available if you're losing your hair, including the vitamins that can help strengthen your hair and the importance of a nutritious diet in healthy hair growth.
  • Keep in touch with the latest news about hair repair research AND the very best products and treatments.
  • Use our easy-to-follow tips and techniques to care for your hair, with specific advice for specific hair types.
  • Let us help you become a more beautiful you!

Latest Articles

What is Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?

posted in: Causes

Early diagnosis is important in this condition, which causes loss from the hairline

Do Rollers Damage Your Hair?

posted in: Causes

We all know that blow-drying is bad - and using tools like curling irons or straighteners is even worse. But what about rollers? Are they a safe way to add volume, curl, or to smooth the hair?

The Importance of Zinc

Adequate zinc levels are crucial for healthy hair growth - but are you getting enough? Learn just WHY zinc is so important to the hair - plus see if you are at risk of zinc deficiency and what you can do to improve your intake.

Are Your Fillings Causing Your Hair Loss?

posted in: Causes

The possible connection between mercury amalgam fillings and hair loss is one of the most hotly debated topics I've researched! In fact, hair loss is just one of a slew of health problems attributed, campaigners say, to the use of mercury in dentistry.

Can Silica-Rich Bamboo Leaf Tea Strengthen Hair?

posted in: Natural Remedies

Silica gives the bamboo plant strength and flexibility - can it do the same for our hair?

The Connection Between Exercise and Hair Loss

Can vigorous exercise actually CAUSE hair loss? The idea of something so beneficial having a negative impact on our hair seems particularly unfair. But there ARE ways in which exercise can cause problems, particularly for those of us who are already affected by weak or damaged hair.

PCOS and Hair Loss

Experts suggest that HALF of all women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) go undiagnosed. Yet this condition can contribute to a range of symptoms, one of the most distressing of which is hair loss.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss - sometimes referred to as androgenetic alopecia - is a very common condition. Whilst it mostly affects women after menopause, it can affect much younger women too.

Using a Cotton Pillowcase?

Switching to a silk or satin pillowcase is one of the simplest things you can do to benefit your hair. This article explains why!

There's no doubt that losing your hair is alarming... not to mention embarrassing! But the good news is that you're about to equip yourself with the information you need to either reverse the situation, or enhance your thinning hair.

We're here to provide all you need to achieve the healthy hair you deserve.

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Let's get working on restoring your luscious locks AND your self esteem!


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